eJuice Offers a Variety of Vaping Flavors To Fit Your Needs

No matter what flavor you prefer to use for your vaping experience, you can always find a perfect one with the great variety of eJuice products. Whether you’re in the mood for something flirty and fun, or want a heavier, more traditional vibe, eJuice caters to a variety of clientele and is dedicated to bringing you the best in vaping.

donuts-179248_1920Particularly popular is the I Love Donuts Mad Hatter Juice, which is available in the 30ml size with a nicotine strength of 0,3,6, or 12mg. Modeled after the flavors of a flaky, indulgent pastry with subtle notes of the ripest blueberries, the formula is specifically designed for vapers of all levels — and produces billowing smoke. Stave off the temptation of an extra slice of cake, and opt for the I Love Donuts flavor offered by eJuice.

Another fan favorite? The Cuttwood Unicorn Milk, available in a variety of nicotine strengths and in either a 15ml or a 30ml size. Modeled after the scent of strawberries and whipped cream, this juice is ideal for fun-loving vapers who desire a lighter scent. With a creamy and smooth finish, this fruity juice is cute as a button!

hemingway_1024x1024For the lover of literature who prefers vaping over a good book, be sure to suggest the Hemingway by Chapter XII Vapors. The brooding book nerd in your life will be sure to appreciate the blends of Bavarian Cream, strawberries, and vanilla. If someone is looking for a custard vaping experience without the heaviness, then the Hemingway by Chapter XII vapors is the perfect way to get started. Recognized for its balance and its extra vanilla throat hit, the Hemingway, like a good book, will be impossible to put down.

food-686922_1280What about someone who prefers film? Recreate the movie theater experience in your vaping by picking up some of the Flathead Fluid from Rumble Seat, which is designed to remind users of freshly popped popcorn — whether it’s the sweet savoriness of kettle corn or the indulgent, ultra-sweet aroma of caramel corn dipped in chocolate. Pop in a favorite film, grab some of the Flathead Fluid, and get ready for a night at the drive-in movie.

No matter what you’re looking for, eJuice offers a variety of vaping juices and flavors catered towards any lifestyle and level of vaping. With customizable sizes of bottle and nicotine level, eJuice has something for everyone, whether it’s sweet and salty or dark and woody.